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We seek to transform the community progressively by encouraging  people to  actively participate in the community development decision making and implementation process.

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People praise BUDA for its impactful community initiatives, empowering locals through inclusive decision-making and implementation processes, fostering sustainable development. It helps every person from slums, ensuring no one is left behind in their pursuit of a better future.

BUDA CBO transformed my life. Their support and guidance empowered me to make a difference in my community. Grateful always.

Alex Mwangi

Computer Technician

Thanks to BUDA CBO, I’ve thrived personally and professionally. Their unwavering support has empowered me to lead and inspire others.

Mary Wanjiku


BUDA CBO has been a guiding light in my journey. Their nurturing environment and opportunities have empowered me to flourish.

Mercyline Janira

CBO Secretary

Brian Egesah

BUDA’s diverse training empowered me with skills for success in various online fields, transforming my career and opportunities

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The BUDA Community-Based Organization (CBO) is deeply rooted in the ethos of progressive community transformation. Our mission revolves around fostering active participation from community members in decision-making processes, ensuring that initiatives reflect the collective aspirations and needs of the people they serve. Through inclusive engagement, BUDA empowers individuals to take ownership of their community’s development journey, promoting a sense of ownership and accountability that is essential for long-term sustainability.

By emphasizing involvement at every stage, from planning to implementation, BUDA ensures that projects are not only effective but also resonate with the community’s values and priorities. This approach not only drives tangible change but also nurtures a culture of collaboration and unity, strengthening the fabric of the community and paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future.

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