About BUDA C.B.O

The BUDA C.B.O seeks to transform the community progressively by encouraging the people to always actively take part in the community development decision making and implementation process.

Youth, Talent & Skill Development

Youth, Talent & Skill Development” at BUDA CBO reflects our commitment to nurturing the next generation. With a team of professionals in health, web design, graphics, counseling, and more, we provide comprehensive mentorship and guidance. Through tailored programs, we empower youth, cultivating their talents and honing essential skills for personal and community advancement, ensuring a brighter future for all.

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With over 5 years of dedicated service, BUDA CBO has been a cornerstone in community development, impacting lives positively through various initiatives.

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BUDA CBO boasts a team of 15+ seasoned professionals, experts in health, web design, graphics, counseling, and more, dedicated to community empowerment and holistic development.

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BUDA CBO proudly comprises a diverse community of 100+ members, united in our mission to drive positive change and empower individuals for a brighter future.

Meet our Team

At BUDA CBO, our team is a dynamic blend of professionals, each bringing unique expertise in fields such as health, web design, graphics, counseling, and more. With a shared passion for community empowerment and holistic development, we collaborate seamlessly to drive positive change and inspire lasting impact.

Dr. Kevin

Professional Clinical Officer

Dr. Mercy

Professional Counsellor

Mr. Emmanuel

Professional Designer

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