BUDA CBO Afya Bora Program targets the low income settlements and sub urban areas with poor access to basic health care. The program involves community awareness on Cancer, non-communicable disease, teen’s health and nutrition. We have an annual target of doing free breast and cervical cancer screening on 2000 women, Free Hypertension & Diabetic clinic on 500 individuals, reaching 1000 teens with knowledge on reproductive and mental health, nutrition support on 500 mothers with children under 3years.

Our population is majorly the young and forms the stem of our posterity. The country’s education system prepares most for employment but placements are limited. The BUDA CBO Youth, Talent and skill Development Program is crafted to bridge the gap by equipping the youth to be self-reliant and making them employable by banking on their inborn talent and skills.

Buda Cup is the tool by BUDA CBO to reach out to those with sporting gifts to nurture the talent and help them turn into a career.

Opeepeto a street football juggling challenge helps in enhancing this sporting personalities and a platform to shade light on this unique balling skill.

Uji Ya Buda an interactive forum that seeks to explore the challenges of the youths are facing in the community. It’s a broad discussion touching various issues and proposed community oriented solutions for the identified needs.

Kichaka Awards a BUDA CBO musical event targeting those with musical talent to improve, package, showcase and sale the works of art.


BYC-BUDA YOUTH CENTER a project in the pipeline aimed to raise several state of the art youth resource centers with satisfactory ICT resource.

Inuabizz  Program the BUDA CBO economic solution to our joblessness raising the productivity of the small business ventures in our community that make the source of most of our livelihoods. We purpose to make these ventures sustainable through periodic and continuous training workshops and marketing and networking events.